Milan’s Urban Wilderness

To welcome spring we’re dedicating this month’s cover story to a little known Milanese Museum: the Museo Botanico Aurelia Josz, which focuses on nature and on the century-long human impact over the Po Valley, the green plain that stretches between the Alps and the Apennines. This museum was inaugurated in 2015 and is dedicated to […]

Italians, inventors of the Piazza?

If you’ve always thought the piazza was invented by Italians, think again. According to historians, it looks like we owe this invention to the Celts. And Milan, which was founded by the Celts, has certainly kept up the tradition. The Celts handed down their history only orally, through rhythmic lyrics and the sound of stringed […]

A Streetcar Named “Carrelli”

This is a story with a happy ending, without any connection to the 1951 American drama film “A Streetcar Named Desire” directed by Elia Kazan, starring Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando! This article is about another international “star,” the timeless 1920’s-style white and yellow tram, with dark and shiny teak benches and the interior illuminated […]

From top to sky

Looking down from on high could be one the pleasures of life: a way to admire the view, a discreet glance at the neighbour’s courtyard, and, for Very Important People, even a symbol of their social elevation. In the Middle Ages, towers provided an indispensable tool for anticipating the arrival from afar of a friend […]

Fresh, fun and funky in water and stone

Villa Litta in Lainate, west of Milan, is a Renaissance playground French novelist Stendhal provided a succinct description. “You have to beware of walking alone at Lainate. The garden is full of water jets built specifically to soak spectators. I unwittingly placed my foot on the first step of a staircase, and six water jets […]

Take a walk on the west side

  The Milanese people have always longed to be near the sea! Since the time of the Roman Empire they built a port outside the city walls, and the name of Via Pantano, which means “marsh,” right in what is now the city center, gives an idea of how much the area was linked to […]

Green Greater Milan

  This article begins with a question for our readers: “What do you know about Milan”? Almost all foreigners usually say that it is the city of design and fashion, some recall that it is the Italian capital of the economy, others say that it is mainly industrial, many recognize that it is famous as […]

Fashion and Design: Milan’s dynamic duo

  Fashion, or rather, the usual style in a given period. While it’s difficult to determine when and where the idea of fashion began, it’s probably safe to say that  cavemen weren’t particularly fashion-conscious. However, the clothes you see in any painting or statue give a pretty good idea of the period and place of […]