May 2018




Please note

On May 1st many activities may be closed for Labour Day.

On May 6th all public museums are free.





Palazzo Reale

Piazza Duomo 12 • M1, M3 Duomo

Open Mon 14.30-19.30; Tues, Wed, Sun 9.30-19.30; Thurs, Fri, Sat 9.30-21.30.

Tickets: €10/12 + €1.50 fee for online reservations. The ticket office closes one hour before exhibition closing time. For reservations visit www.vivaticket.it

• Until 6 May. Italy through the lens of fashion 1971-2001celebrates the Italian fashion system created by a generation of designers, industrialists, artists, architects and intellectuals that defined Italy’s image in the world and set it on the map of international culture.

• Until 13 May. “Nove viaggi nel tempo. Alcantara e l’arte nell’Appartamento del Principe.” With this project, the company that produces and sells Alcantara® all over the world continues its original research and development activity, opening up to established and emerging artists from different areas of contemporary creativity.

• Until 24 June. Dürer e il Rinascimento tra Germania e Italia,” a large selection of works by Albrecht Dürer, featuring 130 works including 12 paintings, 3 watercolours and about 60 drawings, engravings, books, manuscripts, showcases the heyday of the German Renaissance and its fruitful relationship with the rest of Europe. Since the end of March, the first room of the exhibition has been showcasing “Paliotto Barbarigo,” oil on canvas, one of Giovanni Bellini’smasterpiecesthat highlights the connection between the German and the Italian Renaissance movements.

• Until 2 September. “Impressionismo e Avanguardie, Capolavori dal Philadelphia Museum of Art.” On loan from the famous American Museum,50 masterpiecesby famous artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir until the experiments of Georges Braque, Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Constantin Brancusi, Pablo Picasso, through the surrealism of Salvador Dalí and Joan Mirò.



Viale Alemagna 6 • M1/2 Cadorna

Open Tues-Sun 10.30-20.30, Thurs until 23.00, Mon closed.
This venue is itself an interesting piece of architecture, designed by Giovanni Muzio and built in 1931-33 specifically for exhibitions. The Torre Branca nearby offers the chance to see Milan from about 100 metres up, at certain times of day and in the evening.

  • New permanent exhibition. The sculpture “Cavalletto” in bronze and varnish by Gianfranco Ferroni is now permanently placed in the foyer of the Triennale Teatro dell’Arte.
  • New permanent exhibition. The 7 metres tall marble sculpture “Il Seme dell’Altissimo” by Emilio Isgrò, previously placed at the 2015 Expo grounds entrance, has now been placed near the Triennale in the Sempione Park.

On show a selection from Isgrò’s archives of fashion, furnishings, films, graphic works, publications, along with a monumental sculpture.

  • Until 6 May. “Atelier Mendini. Le architetture” the first exhibition dedicated exclusively to architectural works by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini and their Atelier, with 26 mock-ups, 13 drawings, several “architectural sculptures” and two videos made specifically for the exhibition. Admisison free


GAM Galleria Arte Moderna

Via Palestro 16 • M1 Palestro

Open Tues-Sun 9.00-17.30.  €3/5

  • Permanent exhibitions. The rooms of this beautiful royal villa feature a large selection of artworks by Giovanni Fattori, Silvestro Lega, Giovanni Boldini, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, Francesco Hayez, Pompeo Marchesi, Andrea Appiani, Tranquillo Cremona, Giovanni Segantini, Federico Faruffini, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, Antonio Canova, Daniele Ranzoni, Medardo Rosso, and Gaetano Previati. Worth a visit!
  • Until 17 June. “Boldini, ritratto di signora” A selection of 30 works, including paintings, drawings and pastels, to highlight Boldini’s development of a modern, personal style together with his friends, co-protagonists of the Parisian Belle Epoque.
  • Until 17 June. “But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa” this show is the last stop of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative. Organized by New York’s Museo Solomon R. Guggenheim and UBS. Thirteen artists explore the interconnected themes of migration, dislocation, architecture, geometry and history through a wide range of expressive media including installations, works on paper, photography, sculpture and video.


Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

Via San Vittore 21 • M2 Sant’Ambrogio, buses 50, 58, 94

Open Tues-Fri 10-18, Sat and Sun 10-19. Admission €3/8

  • Saturdays and Sundays. With a ticket for the museum, visitors can take guided tours, in Italian with a translation on request, of the Galleria Leonardo and also of the collections of trains, ships and planes in the Transport section. There are currently three unique automobiles on display: Bianchi 8HP, Alfa Romeo Zagato 8C and Bisiluro DaMolNar, symbols of the tradition that has turned Italian cars into world famous icons.
  • Permanent exhibition. “Extreme”, in partnership with CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics,) is a fascinating research area, that explores matter in its most infinitesimal components. The exhibition reveals what goes on inside the laboratories of two of the largest research institutions that carry out experiments related to particle physics.
  • New permanent exhibition. “I.Lab Leonardo.” In the run-up to the celebrations of Leonardo’s 500th death anniversary in 2019, a new area brings Leonardo’s work to light from a historical point of view, but above all explores his way of working, aiming to stimulate visitors to think out of the box. The new laboratory is divided into two areas: a workshop space, dedicated to the machines and the shipyard where visitors can experiment, disassemble and build Leonardo’s machines, and an Atelier space on arts and apprenticeship.
  • Inside the Aero-Naval Pavillion. “Luna Rossa,” the rigid wing catamaran AC72 which was a finalist in the selection regattas for the 34th America’s Cup challenge (San Francisco 2013).
  • Until 3 June. “Marte. Incontri ravvicinati con il Pianeta Rosso” the history of Mars exploration and the important Italian contribution to this adventure. After a reference to the mythological figure of the god Mars, an introduction dedicated to the early observations of Giovanni Schiaparelli (see Hello Milano article in http://www.hellomilano.it/hm/after-a-look-up-there-could-we-take-the-leap-on-mars/) through the data and images acquired thanks to the most advanced space technology; to the first historic images of the Viking probes, the European Mars Express probe, the American rovers Curiosity and Opportunity and the American probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
  • Until 3 June. “I colori del Motomondiale” on exhibition the most famous MotoGP and Superbike teams; the America’s Cup New Zealand team; the colours of the Tornado of the 311rd RSV Group; the Honda Burasca 1200, prototype with a high technological content with an original design; and commercialized projects such as the e-Bike Thok and the exclusive Cross Over Boat Anvera 55. On show also a large collection of original helmets by Aldo Drudi from the 80’s to today.


Gallerie d’Italia

Piazza della Scala 6 • M1 Duomo

The Gallery and the library open Tue-Sun 9.30-19.30; Thurs until 22.30; closed Mon. €3/5/10. Coffee shop opens from 8.00 to 22.30.

For the openings during the festivities see www.gallerieditalia.com, or call 800.167619

Payments through POS contactless “Paygo” or the new smartphone app “JiffyPay”.

Staff wearing the ChiediMI badge are available to give free tours around each room to illustrate the museum spaces. Audioguides in nine languages are also available for free.

  • Permanent exhibitions. The sumptuous palace belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo bank holds a large number of artworks ranging from the 19th (197 from Canova to Boccioni) to the 20th century (189 from the Second World War on). Worth a visit!
  • from 16 May to 19 August. “Arte come rivelazione. Opere dalla collezione Luigi e Peppino Agrati.” A selection of 500 artworks by twentieth century leading artists in Pop Art, Arte Povera, Conceptual Art, Neo-Expressionism and Transavanguardia. The collection features iconic Americans artists, such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Rauschenberg, Christo, together with Italians artists Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Mario Schifano, Alberto Burri, Fausto Melotti.
    Until 3 June. “L’arte risveglia l’anima.” This exhibition, which is part of a large international project of social and cultural inclusion, is the brainchild of the State Hermitage Museum’s director, Michail Piotrovskij. This show aims to showcase the talent and skills of autistic people. For the first time, these artists from various parts of Italy have the opportunity to show their creativity in a museum context.


Museo di Storia Naturale

Corso Venezia 55 • M1 Palestro, tram 9, 29, 30 Passante Porta Venezia

Open Tues-Sun, 09.00-17.30, Mon closed. €3/5

  • Permanent exhibition. This museum, the biggest in Italy, has 23 halls with about 700 window cases. Among the many attractions, pay a visit to the fauna and flora gallery: its 83 dioramas, 6 of which are brand new, have been created precisely for the protection of the species on display, some of which are already on the brink of extinction.


Museo di Leonardo

Le Sale del Re, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, corner

Piazza della Scala • M1/3 Duomo

Open every day, 10.00-23.00. €11/12

Guided tours in Italian and English every Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 to 11.30

  • Permanent exhibition. Multidisciplinary exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, engineer and artist who left 120 volumes which include 5,000 pages of drawings, most of which are still to be interpreted. The exhibition features discoveries, world premieres and interactive experiences, focusing on his writings, projects and studies for various machines and the methodology used for two of his most important creations, which were created in Milan: The Last Supper and “Leonardo’s Horse” dedicated to Francesco Sforza.


Museo del Novecento

Via Marconi 1 • M1, M3 Duomo

Open Mon. 14.30-19.30, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sun 9.30-19.30, Thurs, Sat 9.30-22.30 €3/5

  • Permanent exhibitions. This museum is housed in the pre-Fascist era Palazzo dell’Arengario, designed by the famous architects Griffini, Magistretti, Muzio and Portaluppi. It houses a collection of more than 4,000 contemporary works of art.


Hangar Bicocca

Via Chiese 2 • M5 Istria

Open Thurs-Sun 11.30-19.00, Thurs until 22.30. Admission free

• Permanent exhibition.“I Sette Palazzi Celesti” asite-specific installation by Anselm Kiefer with five large paintings and seven “heavenly towers” which are part of a single artwork.

  • Until 22 July. “The Dream Machine is Asleep” by the Prague artist Eva Kot’átková, showing an engaging selection of new installations, sculptures, collages and performances, focusing on the concept of the human body as a machine and organ that continues its functions during sleep, creating parallel inner worlds.
  • Until 16 September. “The feeling of things” is the largest retrospective ever staged to highlight the large production of Matt Mullican, one of the most renowned American artists and a pioneer of hypnosis as a performative practice in art. The extraordinary variety of media used stretches over 5,000 square metres: sculptures, large installations, works on paper, glass, stone, metal, posters, neon, photographs, paintings made with the frottage technique, video, performance, lightbox and computer and virtual reality projects. Thousands of works lead the visitor into the cosmology of the “five worlds” conceived by the artist: a singular representation of reality composed by images, pictograms, icons, codes, signs, symbols and colours.


Galleria Carla Sozzani

Corso Como 10 • M2 Moscova
Open 10.30-19.30, Wed-Thurs until 21.

  • Until 6 May. “Domus 90. Gio’ Ponti” on the 90th anniversary of Domus magazine, a selection of Gio Ponti’s artworks highlights the multifaceted activity of the famous architect as seen through the pages of the magazine he edited for almost 40 years.
  • From 13 May to 10 June. The best of World Press Photo 2018 on view in Milan. Prizewinning photographer Luca Locatelli will be present at the inauguration event. €3/5.



Galleria Annunciata

Via Luca Signorelli 2/a • M5 Gerusalemme

Open Mon. 15.30-19.00/Tues.-Fri. 10.00 -12.30 e 15.30 -19.00

  • From 11 April. “Le impronte dei sogni” solo show with 30 artworks painted in the 60s and 70s by Herold Blumer, the surrealist Romanian (naturalized French) painter and illustrator, who — while living in Paris — changed his name to Jacques Hérold. After World War II he held his first personal exhibition and since then, starting from the “International Exposition of Surrealism”, he has been present in all the Surrealist exhibitions around the world.


Federica Schiavo

Via Michele Barozzi 6 • M1 Palestro

Open. Tues-Sat, 12-19. Admission free

  • Until 10 May. “Funes” solo show by Nicholas Byrne, with six paintings and an architectural add-on which includes the artist’s largest-scale painting to date. The exhibition is the final result of a ten-year experiment with copper. In four of his works liquid oils are added to the pictures etched on the surface.


Studio d’Arte Cannaviello

Piazzetta Bossi • M1 Duomo

Open Tues.-Sat. 11.00-19.00 or by appointment

  • Until 12 June. Solo show with 20 artworks on canvas and paper made during the 80s by the German painter, photographer and punk musician Walter Dahn, who was influenced both by his teacher Beuys and by American culture. He is currently considered one of the main protagonists of the Junge Wilden movement.



Galleria San Fedele

Via Ulrico Hoepli 3 a-b • M1 Duomo/San Babila

  • Until 19 May. “Milano downtown” photos by Luca Rotondo showing the homeless at night sleeping rough among the city’s severe marble buildings. Attentive to the urban space and at the same time sensitive and respectful, these images portray not so much the homeless in their improvised shelters, as the places where they choose to spend the night.



PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea

Via Palestro 14 • M1 Palestro
Open Tues-Sun 9.30-19.00, Mon 14.30-19.30 Thurs 9.30-22.30. Tickets: €4/6

  • Until 20 May. “Ya Basta Hijos de Puta” solo exhibition by the Mexican artist Teresa Margolles showing her peculiar affinity for crude realism and the complex nature of contemporary society, especially Mexico, a country constantly threatened by organized crime.


Carré d’artistes

Via Cuneo 5 • M1 Wagner

Open Mon-Sat, 14.00-19.00. Admission free

  • Non-stop sales. This gallery selects new artists on a regular basis and puts their works on sale. Spanish painter Joaquin Bayona is the new entry. His delicate and harmonious tones and the use of a mixed technique with oil paints and acrylics, pencil and watercolours, gives texture to the composition, depth and character to all landscapes.


Loom Gallery

Via Marsala 7 • M2 Moscova

Open Tues.-Sat. 12.00-19.00. Admission free.

  • Until 5 May. “Two Dozen Eggs and a Thumbprint – After PM,” by the English artist Jonathan Monk, who presents two dozen (not by chance) receipts on which he reproduced the well-known egg with Piero Manzoni’s imprint, echoing the concept of art as something to be devoured, that can be used to pay the restaurant bill or a good drink.


A Arte Invernizzi

Via Domenico Scarlatti 12 • M1 Lima, M2 Caiazzo, M3 Stazione Centrale

Open Mon-Fri 10-13, 15-19. Admisson free

  • Until 16 May. “L’occhio filosofico,” (The philosophical eye) edited by philosopher and musician Massimo Donà, together with poet Carlo Invernizzi and philosopher Andrea Emo, aims to establish a three-way dialogue among art, poetry and philosophy.


MAAB Gallery . Michael Biasi

Via Nerino 3 • M1Duomo or Cordusio

Open Mon.- Fri. 10.30-18 Sat. by appointment

  • Until 11 May. “Más alla del marco” (Beyond the frame) solo exhibition with 11 selected artworks by Uruguayan artist, poet and intellectual Carmelo Arden Quin, one of the founders of the Buenos Aires Madí Group in 1946.


Fabbrica del Vapore

Lotto 11 Via Procaccini 4 • M5 Monumentale
Admission free

  • Until 10 June. “Emblèmes du Pouvoir.” 10 highly-rated artists of international renown exhibit works of African art.


Fondazione Giò Marconi

Via Tadino, 15 • M1 Porta Venezia
Open Tues-Sat 10.00-13.00, 15.00-19.00 Admission free

  • Until 12 May. “Autoarchitettura” dedicated to Milanese architect Gianfranco Pardi. This broad anthology highlights Pardi’s research on space and the relationship between abstraction and construction, and illustrates his development from the first depictions of architectural interiors and exteriors of the Sixties to his most recent works.


Villa Necchi Campiglio

Via Mozart 12/14 • M1 Palestro
Open Wed-Sun 10.00-18.00 Admission free

  • New permanent exhibition. Against the splendid backdrop of this villa, managed by the Italian National Trust and designed by Piero Portaluppi, viewers can take in 21 works on paper by Pietro Marussig, Mario Sironi, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Lucio Fontana donated by the heirs of the Guido Sforni Collection.


Museo Poldi Pezzoli

Via Alessandro Manzoni 12 • M3 Montenapoleone
Open Tues-Sun 10.00-18.00, closed Mon Tickets: €8

  • New permanent exhibition. On the occasion of the opening of three new rooms, three collections are being exhibited that have never been shown to the public before. In the first room, an exceptional collection of watches from the 16th to the 20th centuries, similar to those of the Louvre in Paris, of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York and of the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva. In the second room a collection of archaeological finds, a significant ceramic nucleus of IV-III century BC. In the third room, 18th century china artefacts by European manufacturers. The works made in Meissen are outstanding.
  • Until 14 May. “L’arte di essere fragile” Meissen, the famous German manufacturer, presents porcelain items from its first production to nowadays. Among the works on show, those by American artist Chris Antemann, who has been working for Meissen since 2011 and is known for his modern interpretation of the 18th century porcelain figurines.


Museo di Milano

Via Sant’Andrea 6 • M1 San Babila

Open Tues-Sun 9.30-13, 14-17.30, Mon closed. Info: tel. 0288446056/7. Admission free

This Museum, in the heart of the fashion district, is housed in an 18th century building, Palazzo Morando Attendolo Bolognini, whose exterior has just been restored. Its collections present the history of Milan in the 18th and 19th centuries, with paintings, documents, prints etc. The period furnishings contribute to the overall atmosphere.

  • Until 15 July. “Milano e la Prima Guerra Mondiale. Caporetto, la Vittoria, Wilson,” in the centenary of the end of World War I, a historical-documentary exhibition highlights the huge commitment and contribution that the citizens of Milan offered to Italy in one of the most difficult periods in its history.
  • Until 4 November. “Outfit ‘900.” Ladies’ outfits for special occasions such as weddings, society debuts, dances and gala evenings. Also featuring two precious dresses from the 1920s, recently restored by the Parisian fashion house Worth and Liberty.




Via Leopardi 32 • M1 Cadorna

Open. Mon.- Fri. 12.00-19.00. Morning and Sat by appointment. Admission free

  • Until 25 May. A new exhibition project that starts a dialogue between the work of two artists: the radical figure of Romanian Marion Baruch, active since the late 60s in Italy and France, and the up-and-coming young Italian artist Alessandro Teoldi, resident in the United States, at his first show in Italy.


Officine Saffi

Via Aurelio Saffi 7 M1Conciliazione/Cadorna

Open Mon-Fri 10.00-18.30; Sat 11.00–18.00

  • Until 22 June. “The thing in your mind” solo show by Anders Ruhwald. The title and concept refer to those “site-sensitive” objects that trigger conceptual musings in the viewer, setting off chains of memories, desires, cognitive illusions and false images, starting from the relationships between objects and the environment. The works on show are part of a research into everyday objects: on walls, such as light switches; hanging from ceilings, such as light fixtures; on the ground, such as chairs; in corners, such as windows … the result is a kaleidoscope of non-existent functions, mere tensions between forces and presences in the space.



Castello Sforzesco

Piazza Cairoli • M1 Cairoli
Sala del Tesoro, Cortile della Rocchetta

Open Tues,-Sun.09.00-17.30 Admission free

  • Until 1 July. “Segno, Forma e Colore del Novecento Italiano.” A wide selection of drawings, engravings and artists’ books by the most famous masters of the 20th century, such as Boccioni, Martini, Modigliani, Carrà, De Chirico, Bartolini, Sironi, Morandi, Marini, Burri, Afro, Fontana, Baj, Capogrossi, Galli and Pistoletto, following a chronological timeline from the beginning of the century to the 1970s.


Museo Diocesano

Corso di Porta Ticinese, 95 • tram 3; bus 59, 71, 94
Open Tues-Sun 10-18. €4/6/8

The exhibition spaces, part of a refurbished monastery, display over 400 works of art divided into various sections. Next to the museum you can also view the Museo Sant’Eustorgio, the Cappella Portinari and the Paleochristian Cemetery. Admission €6/8/10 for a comprehensive ticket.

  • Until 20 May. The entire “Via Crucis” by Gaetano Previati, master of Italian divisionism, composed by 14 oil paintings, created between 1901 and 1902, recently restored, loaned from the Vatican Museums Collection of Contemporary Art, and normally kept in the papal apartments. In addition, 14 photographic reproductions, retouched with a silver point by Previati himself, on loan from the Saints Quirico and Paolo church in Dogliani, near Cuneo.


Cardi Gallery

Corso di Porta Nuova 38 • M3 Turati
Open 10-19 Sun. and Mon. closed

  • Until 6 July. Solo exhibition of sculptures and drawings by Fred Sandback, with eight sculptures along with a large selection of drawings and photos showing the evolution of the artist’s space investigation.


Gli Eroici Furori Arte Contemporanea

Via Melzo 30 • M1 Porta Venezia  

Open Tues.-Fri 15.30-19.30. Sat. by appointment. Admission free.

  • Until 18 May. Solo show by the American artist Brian D. Murphy whose use of old newspaper scraps, photographs, memories, makes his stories come to life.


Fondazione Prada

Largo Isarco 2 • M3 Lodi T.I.B.B., bus no. 65

Open Tues-Sun 11.00-20.00. Closed Mon. Admission free

  • Until 26 June. “Post Zang Tumb Tuuum. Art Life Politics: Italia 1918-1943” explores the system of art and culture in Italy between the two world wars, starting from the research and study of historical documents and photographs that reveal the spatial, temporal, social and political context in which the works of art were created by such artists as Giacomo Balla, Carlo Carrà, Felice Casorati, Giorgio de Chirico, Fortunato Depero, Filippo de Pisis, Arturo Martini, Fausto Melotti, Giorgio Morandi, Scipione, Gino Severini, Mario Sironi, Arturo Tosi, Adolfo Wildt.


Galleria MAEC Milan Art & Events Center

Via Lupetta 3 • M3 Missori, M1 Duomo

Open Tues Sat 10.00-13.00/15.00–19.00

  • Until 6 May. “Co-Abitazioni” solo show by the painter Kikoko, art pseudonym of Kouevi-Akoe Ekoe Kokovi, born in 1978 in Lomé (Togo), and now living in Milan. The 40 works on show convey a rich poetic and artistic message. The objects and other symbolic items have been accumulated by the artist in the course of his life, both in Africa and Europe.


MUDEC Museo delle Culture

Via Tortona 56 • M2 Porta Genova
Open Mon. 14.30-19.30; Tues. Wed.09.30-19.30; Thrs.-Sat.09.30-22.30; Sun. 9.30-20.30

  • Until 3 June. Over 100 works, paintings, drawings and photographs, from two of the most important collections of Frida Kahlo’s works (Olmedo and Gelman), and other leading international museums.
  • Until 3 June. This exhibition reveals how archaeology influenced Frida Kahlo’s imagination and artistic career.


Osart Gallery

Corso Plebisciti 12 • Passante Ferroviario Dateo
Open Tues.-Sun. 10.00 – 13.00 / 14.30 – 19.00 Admission free

  • Until 26 May. “Photosequences” this group show features ten historical photos from 1969 to 1979 by Vito Acconci, Vincenzo Agnetti, Peter Hutchinson, Duane Michals, Dennis Oppenheim, Gina Pane, Mario Schifano, Aldo Tagliaferro. The underlining idea is to analyze the photographic medium according to the concept of sequence.


Fondazione Luciana Matalon

Foro Buonaparte 67 • M1 Cairoli
Open Wed-Sat 10-19, Mon-Tues closed. Admission free.

  • From 10 May to 23 June. “Satori, la percezione dello spirito.” Namely “Satori the spirit perception” is the first solo show in Italy by Sisyu, a Japanese artist and calligrapher, who presents 40 artworks, sculptures, paintings, large-size canvases and a video installation. A reinterpretation of classical — and at times erotic — Japanese art.


Biblioteca Centrale, Palazzo Sormani

Corso di Porta Vittoria 6 • M1 San Babila
Open Mon-Sat 9.00-19.00, Sun closed. Admission free

  • Until 10 May. “Lights in the Dark” solo show by the photographer Franco Bacoccoli, who approached photography only recently. Initially star-struck by Helmut Newton’s art, he subsequently deepened the study of the great names of photography: from Man Ray to Henri Cartier-Bresson through Robert Doisneau, Robert Capa, Mario Giacomelli, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Bert Hardy, Elliott Erwitt, Alfred Stieglitz and Robert Mapplethorpe.


Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro

Via Vigevano 9 • M2 Stazione Porta Genova

Open Wed-Fri 16-19. Admission free

  • Until 25 May. “Imprévisible” solo show by Donato Piccolo. The artist wants you to experience society and human events through sounds, absences and presences.


Galleria Poggiali

Via Foro Buonaparte 52 • M2 Lanza
Open Tues.-Sat. 10.00-13.30/15.00–19.30. Admission free

  • Until 29 June. “Archipelago – from a distance you look smaller but I know you are there” solo show by English artist John Isaacs. The three artworks on show are completely different in terms of style, since one is a sculpture, the second is a neon graffiti and the third is a photo. All of them aim to highlight the paradox of human life.


Spazio Kryptos

Via Panfilo Castaldi 26 • M1 Porta Venezia

Mon.-Fri. 15.30 – 19.00. Admission free

  • Until 4 May. “Contaminazioni del Corpo” solo show by the photographer Alessandro Risuleo, who depicts the human figure through a truly original vision, which focuses on body details with brushstrokes applied to highlight lines, shapes and physiognomy.


Galleria Conceptual

Via Goffredo Mameli 46 • Tram 12 Cadore
Open Tues.-Sat. 10.00-13.30/15.00–19.30. Admission free

  • Until 3 June. “Il Movimento del Pensiero” selected artworks by Getulio Alviani that focus on the movement of light as a visual event on metal matrixes.


29 Arts in Progress Gallery

Via San Vittore 13 • M2 Sant’Ambrogio
Open Tues.-Sat. 11.00-19.00. Admission free

  • Until 26 May. On show 20 sculptures by the Milanese artist Isabella Angelantoni Geiger.


Spaziokappa 32

Via Kramer 32 • M1 Porta Venezia
Open Mon.-Fri. 15.00-19.00. Admission free

  • Until 8 May. “Morocco” a photographic project by Giulia Mozzini on people and places of that part of Africa.


Galleria Artespressione

Via della Palla 3 • M3 Missori

  • Until 24 May. “Nudi” solo show by the Milanese Andrea Boyer. According to this artist, the nude is not only the mere representation of a body, but also a perfect starting point to search for one’s identity.


mc2gallery contemporary art

Via Malaga 4, doorphone 72 • M2 Romolo, bus 90/91

Open Tues.-Fri. 15.00 -20.00

  • Until 12 May. Solo show by the Dutch painter and photographer Casper Faassen, who works following a unique style that combines these two techniques.