March 2017


Palazzo Reale

Piazza Duomo 12 • M1, M3 Duomo

Open Mon 14.30-19.30; Tues, Wed, Fri, Sun 9.30-19.30; Thurs and Sat 9.30-22.30.

Tickets: €10/12 + €1.50 fee for online reservations. The ticket office closes one hour before exhibition closing time. For reservations visit www.vivaticket.it

  • From 8 March to 2 July. “Manet and Modern ParisManet is as important for us as Cimabue and Giotto were for the Italians of the Renaissance” (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) “He took elements from everyone, but how marvellous was the pictorial mastery by which he succeeded in rendering something new!” (Edgar Degas) “He is far more capable than all of us, he has transformed darkness into light” (Camille Pissarro). These assertions by renowned painters – his contemporaries – should suffice to convey an immediate idea of the central role Edouard Manet played in the history of European art. The works in the exhibition have come from the prestigious collection in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. Of the one hundred works, 55 are paintings: these feature 17 masterpieces by Manet and a further 40 splendid works by his celebrated contemporaries, including Boldini, Cézanne, Degas, Fantin-Latoure, Gauguin, Monet, Berthe Morisot, Renoir, Signac, and Tissot.

• Until 18 June. “Keith Haring. About art” 110 works by the American artist, many of monumental size, some of them unpublished or never exhibited in Italy, placed in dialogue with his sources of inspiration, from classical archeology, pre-Columbian art, the archetypal figures of religions, the masks of the Pacific islands and creations by Native Americans, to the twentieth century masters, such as Pollock, Dubuffet, Klee.


Esposizione Permanente

Via Turati 34 M3 Turati

Open: every day 09.30-19.30. €13.00

  • From 17 March to 23 July. “Love” a large selection with 39 art works by the most important contemporary names such as Yayoi Kusama, Tom Wesselmann, Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Gilbert & George, Francesco Vezzoli, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Francesco Clemente, Joana Vasconcelos, and many others, who express the theme of love. Visitors will be invited to leave their mark inside the exhibition, creating a new art work, which will grow day by day alongside the exhibition.



Viale Alemagna 6 • M1/2 Cadorna

Open Tues-Sun 10.30-20.30, Thurs until 23.00, Mon closed.
This venue is itself an interesting piece of architecture, designed by Giovanni Muzio and built in 1931-33 specifically for exhibitions. The Torre Branca nearby offers the chance to see Milan from about 100 metres up, at certain times of day and evening.

• Until 5 March. “If the world were square, I’d know my way …” a solo show by Fausta Squatriti, with different art works from 1957 to 2017, displayed at the Triennale, Gallerie d’Italia, and Nuova Galleria Morone.

• Until 19 March. “Elegantia” a two artist show with a project by the Belgian Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys, who have created a caricature of architecture, the image of an exhibition on the “fine arts”, which turns out, after a few moments of estrangement, as an unambiguous catalog of horrors and only apparent normalcy.

  • Until 19 March. “Italian Beauty” a retrospective show with design, architecture projects and exhibitions by the architect Mario Bellini.


GAM Galleria Arte Moderna

Via Palestro 16 • M1 Palestro

Open Tues – Sun 9.00-17.30.  €3/5

  • Permanent exhibitions. Inside the rooms of this beautiful royal villa is a large selection of art works by Giovanni Fattori, Silvestro Lega, Giovanni Boldini, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, Francesco Hayez, Pompeo Marchesi, Andrea Appiani, Tranquillo Cremona, Giovanni Segantini, Federico Faruffini, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, Antonio Canova, Daniele Ranzoni, Medardo Rosso, Gaetano Previati. Worth a visit!


Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

Via San Vittore 21 • M2 Sant’Ambrogio, buses 50, 58, 94

Open Tues-Fri 10-18, Sat and Sun 10-19. Admission €3/8

Throughout 2016, the museum is calling into action all those willing to share impressions with their “friends”, and post photos or video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, connecting the hashtag #Museoscienza, to socialize and propagate culture in an innovative way.

  • Every Saturday to Sunday. With a ticket for the museum, visitors can participate in guided tours, in Italian with a translation on request, of the Galleria Leonardo and also of the collections of trains, ships and planes in the Transport section. There are currently three unique automobiles on display: Bianchi 8HP, Alfa Romeo Zagato 8C and Bisiluro DaMolNar, symbols of the tradition that has made the Italian car into a world famous icon.
  • New permanent exhibition. “Extreme”, in partnership with CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research and INFN National Institute of Nuclear Physics, is a fascinating research area, to explore matter in its most infinitesimal components. The exhibition reveals what goes on inside the laboratories of two of the largest research institutions that carry out experiments related to particle physics.
  • Inside the Aero-Naval Pavillion. The “Luna Rossa” the rigid wing catamaran AC72 which was a finalist in the selection regattas for the 34th America’s Cup challenge (San Francisco 2013).
  • From 3 March until 1 May. “Transformers Art,” gigantic creations by Montenegrin Danilo Baletic made with materials recovered from landfills. On display for the first time in Italy are the 3 to 16 metres tall metal sculptures, inspired by the famous Transformers, robotic aliens who can change themselves into vehicles. The exhibition is curated and promoted by Baha Fine Art. Entry to the exhibition is included in the Museum’s admission ticket



Gallerie d’Italia

Piazza della Scala 6 • M1 Duomo

Open on Tues – Sun 9.30 – 19.30; Thurs. Until 22.30; Closed Mon. €3/5/10.

Young staff wearing the badge ChiediMI are available to offer a free tour around each room to illustrate the museum space. In addition you can find free audioguides in nine different languages.

  • Permanent exhibitions. The sumptuous palace belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo bank, holds a large number of art works ranging from 19th (197 from Canova to Boccioni) to 20th century (189 from the second world war). Worth a visit!

• Until 5 March. “Lo Stupore della Luce”The charm of light is thelink betweenAntonio Canal, namedCanaletto, andhisnephew BernardoBellotto, who successfullytransformed the Venetian view painting into a peculiar avant-garde current that characterized theEuropeaneighteenth century. On show 100 works, including paintings, drawings and etchings, a third of which have never been exhibited before in Italy, lent by 19 International museums, such as The National Gallery, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The J.Paul Getty Museum.


Castello Sforzesco

Piazza Cairoli • M1 Cairoli

Civico Archivio Fotografico Bertarelli.

One of the most important Italian institutions dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of photographic heritage; it preserves 850,000 original photographs dating from 1840 to the present day. Now there is a new, constantly updated website www.fotografieincomune.it, which allows you to search and find 25,000 photos from the collection.



Museo di Milano, costume, fashion, image

Via Sant’Andrea 6 • M1 San Babila

Open Tues-Sun 9-13, 14-17.30, Mon closed.

Info: tel. 0288446056/7. Some parts are free, or admission €3/5.

This Museum, in the heart of the top fashion district, is in an 18th century building, Palazzo Morando Attendolo Bolognini, whose exterior has recently been restored revealing the remains of a fresco frieze. Its art gallery collections present the history of Milan in the 18th and 19th centuries, with paintings, documents, prints etc. The period furnishings and the cosy “Golden Parlour” contribute to the overall atmosphere.

• Until 9 April. “The Art of Shoes” first exhibition in Italy dedicated to Manolo Blahník, the Spanish iconic shoe couturier. A unique opportunity to see, inside the beautiful rooms of the Art Gallery and the apartments of the ancient noble family, a large selection of 212 fantastic shoe models, and 80 drawings, covering 46 years of the designer’s work. Moreover, some antique shoes, chosen from the civic footwear collection (about 300 specimens dating from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, and the Renaissance shoes found during the excavations around the area of ​​the Castello Sforzesco) are displayed together with those of Blahník, just to continue an old story that hasn’t changed so much.

• Until 9 April. “Embroidery of Light. Paillettes and sequins in fashion” a careful selection of clothes embroidered with sequins, among more than 4000 garments in the museum collection, to trace their evolution from 1770 to 2004; a fascinating journey through small diskettes of light, the first in metal, then in gelatin, acetate, PVC, up to the modern polyester.

  • Until 2 July. “Atelier Rosa Genoni” as part of the exhibition “Embroidery of Light” some sketches, embroideries in sequins, fashion accessories and creations by Rosa Genoni, the Milanese designer, creator of Made in Italy.


Museo di Leonardo

Le Sale del Re, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, corner

Piazza della Scala • M1/3 Duomo

Open Mon-Sun, 10.00-23.00. €11/12

Guided tours in Italian and English every Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 to 11.30

  • Permanent exhibition. The most important interactive and multidisciplinary exhibition dedicated to Leonardo, engineer and artist who left 120 volumes which include 5 thousand pages of drawings, most of which are still to be interpreted. The exhibition presents discoveries, world premieres and interactive experiences, describes writings, projects and studies for machines and the methodology used for two of his most important creations, which were actually created in Milan: The Last Supper and “Leonardo’s Horse” dedicated to Francesco Sforza.


Museo del Novecento

Via Marconi 1 • M1, M3 Duomo

Open Mon. 14.30-19.30, Tue,Wed,Fri,Sun 9.30-19.30, Thu,Sat 9.30-22.30 €3/5

  • Permanent exhibitions. This museum, opened inside the pre-Fascist era Palazzo dell’Arengario, designed by the famous architects Griffini, Magistretti, Muzio and Portaluppi, presents a collection of more than 4000 contemporary artworks.
  • Until 12 March. “Boom 60! Era arte moderna” (Boom 60 – Modern Art Era) is devoted to Italian art between the early 1950’s and the early 1960’s, the years of the Italian economic boom. 150 works including paintings, sculptures and graphic artworks, countered with pages from magazines and television and cinematographic footage, where artists are transformed into real stars: from immortal Picasso to Bernard Buffet, “the painter in a Rolls Royce”; at the time protagonist of the chronicles of art and gossip.



Hangar Bicocca

Via Chiese 2 • M5 Istria

Open Tues-Sun 11.30-19.00, Thurs. until 22.30, Mon closed. Admission €4/6

• Permanent exhibition.“I Sette Palazzi Celesti” asite-specific installation by Anselm Kiefer with five large paintings and seven “towers” forming a single art work.• Until 9 April.“GDM – Grand Dad’s Visitor Center”byLaure Prouvost isa total work of art that brings together more than fifteen works, installations, video on monitors and projections, sculptures and objet trouvé, that give life to a unique museum dedicated to the artist’s grandfather.• Until 30 July.“Crossover/s” a solo show with 15 art works, sculptures, installations and fountains by the Polish Miroslaw Balka, made with simple materials such as wood, salt, ashes, soap, cement, steel; oftenusing the size of his body as a yardstick.



Officine Saffi

Via Aurelio Saffi 7 • M1Conciliazione/Cadorna

Open Mon-Fri 10.00-18.30; Sat 11.00–18.00

• Until16 March. Selected ceramics on display, 20 for art and 10 for design, by the finalists of the international competition “Open to Art”.



Fondazione Prada

Largo Isarco 2 • M3 Lodi Tibb

Open Mon, Wed, Thu, 10.00-20.00; Fri, Sat, Sun, 10.00-21.00

This venue, conceived by the architecture firm OMA, led by Rem Koolhaas, combines seven existing buildings with three new structures as a result of the transformation of a distillery dating back to the 1910’s.

  • Until 9 April. “Five Car Stud,” brings together a selection of artworks created between 1959 to 1994 by Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz, including the well-known installation that gives the show its title.
  • Until 9 April.Extinct in the Wild” by the American Michael Wang, who uses an artificial habitat of three glass and aluminum structures with artificial lighting to display various species of flora and fauna that no longer exist in Nature, which are grown and survive only in captivity.
  • Until 14 May. “Infection” by the Swiss artist Pamela Rosenkranz, is based on the action of an active parasite at the neurological level, which would affect about 30% of the world population. An imposing mountain of sand inside the vast show space lies in juxtaposition with the surrounding industrial architecture. The natural material is infused with a fragrance made from cat’s pheromones recreated in the laboratory, able to trigger specific reactions of attraction and repulsion at the biological level and subconsciously influence the movement of the visitors. A RGB green light illuminates the huge, chemically altered mass and makes the scent slowly evaporate.


Museo Poldi Pezzoli

Via Alessandro Manzoni 12 • M3 Montenapoleone.
Open Tues-Sun 10.00-18.00, closed Mon. Tickets: €8

  • Until 20 March. Il gioiello italiano del XX secolo” 150 artistic precious jewels as a tribute to Italian craftsmanship in the last century.


Mimmo Scognamiglio Arte Contemporanea

Via Goito 7 • M3 Montenapoleone

Open Mon-Sat 10.30-13.30, 15.30-19. Admission free

  • Until 15 March. “White Paintings” solo show by the German artist Joerg Lozek.



Forma Meravigli

Via Maravigli 5 M1 Cordusio

Open Thurs. 12-23; Wed.Sat.Sun.11-20, Mon, Tues. Closed. €6/8

  • Until 26 March. “Harraga” in Moroccan and Algerian dialect defines the migrant passing the borders without documents. The photographer Giulio Piscitelli, awarded with the Amilcare Ponchielli Prize, experienced firsthand how migrants are trying to reach Europe, sharing their physical and mental exhaustion on one of those boats, now tragically famous, that lead migrants from Tunisia to the Italian coast. A crude and empathetic documentation of the Spanish enclave of Melilla, the journey to Lampedusa and the tragic reality of exploitation in Castel Volturno and Rosarno; the refugees crossing the desert from the Horn of Africa, the Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans who land on the Greek islands



Armani Silos

Via Bergognone 40 • M2 Porta Genova, tram 14

Open Wed, Sun 11.00-19.00. €8/12.

Individual guided tours in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian €160.

This ample 4,500 square-metre space spread over four floors houses a unique selection of the fashion designer’s creations from 1980 until today. The selection does not follow a chronological order but is divided into themes that have inspired and continue to inspire Giorgio Armani’s creative work.

• Until February. “Emotions of the Athletic Body” a photo exhibition to celebrate sport and athletes who always face new challenges and inspire emotion.


Galleria Carla Sozzani

Corso Como 10 • M2 Moscova

Open 10.30-19.30, Wed-Thurs until 21.

• Until 26 March. “Akaki Amore” solo show by the Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, best known for his works of erotica.



Fondazione Luciana Matalon

Foro Buonaparte 67 • M1 Cairoli

Open Tues-Sun. 10-19, Mon closed. €1/3+annual membership card €2.

  • From 3 March to 1 April. La Flotta Perduta di Kubilai Khan.” In 1281 the Emperor of China Kublai Khan, grandson of the best known Genghis, tried to invade Japan, but the gigantic fleet of a thousand ships and forty thousand men was stopped by a sudden and violent typhoon and sank. This show presents the archaeological expedition organized by the International Research Institute for Archaeology and Ethnology, in collaboration with the Asian Research Institute for Underwater Archaeology, which brought to light after seven centuries the majestic fleet of Kublai Kahn from the waters of Takashima island, in the Japanese Kyushu region.


Museo di Storia Naturale

Corso Venezia 55 • M1 Palestro

Open Tues-Sun, 09.00-17.30, Mon closed. €3/10. www.vivaticket.it

  • Until 30 April. “Earthquakes”, origins, stories and secrets of the movements of the earth, a new opportunity to discover our planet. The exhibition helps visitors to learn more about these natural events, the causes that trigger them, where they occur, how often, how seismic waves propagate … but it will also help us to understand the simple rules to be adopted to limit earthquake damage.


Wow Spazio Fumetto

Viale Campania 12 • Passante Ferroviario Porta Vittoria, tram 27, buses 73, 90, 91, 93

Open Tues-Fri 15.00-19.00, Sat and Sun 15.00-20.00.  € 4/7

  • Until 7 May. “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni as it has been told, reinterpreted, reduced and parodied by illustrations and comics. An amazing journey takes the visitor on the discovery of Manzoni’s world told through images from the first illustrated version by Francesco Gonin in 1840, by the precise wish of Manzoni, to a long gallery of funny parodies like “The betrothed Ducks” and “the Promised Mice”, in the Topolino comic to the one with the Flintstones.


VS Arte

Via Appiani 1 • M3 Turati

Open Mon- Sat 15.30–19.30, Sat.

  • Until 9 April. “Aldo Damioli. Città della Mente” presents a series of imaginary cities, contemporary metropolis extremely plausible in their architecture, but each in a crystallized size, in atmospheres that are beyond the real. These urban landscapes, characterized by the skillful use of light and geometric forms, are motionless in their grandeur, as backdrops for scenes of everyday life.


Studio d’Arte Cannaviello

Piazzetta Bossi • M1 Duomo

Open Tues.-Sat. 11.00-19.00

  • Until 10 May. “L’Odore” solo show by Silvia Mei, with small, medium and large works, giving the idea of time in painting: the last works, in fact, have been re-painted by the artist with new extras added on the canvas, presenting new stories which intertwine with the past to become actual.



Il Vicolo

Via Pietro Maroncelli 2 • M2 Porta Genova

Open Tue-Sat. 11.00-19.00

  • From 9 March to 20 May. “Emanuele Luzzati. Opere dal 1950 al 2000” biographic exposition for the tenth anniversary of the artist’s death.


Fondazione Giò Marconi

Via Tadino, 15 • M1 Porta Venezia

Open Tues-Sat 10.00-13.00, 15.00-19.00 Admission free

  • Until 14 April. “Una collezione” by Franco Vaccari, who became famous after his participation “Work or behavior” at the Venice Biennale in 1972, with the installation of the wall “Leave a trace of your passing”. Creator of the aesthetic formula called “Exhibitions in real time”, the artist carries on an extremely original research. His work can be placed in “conceptual realism”, where the traditional notion of art work appears totally overcome, as is the relationship between it and the public.


mc2gallery contemporary art

Via Malaga 4, doorphone 72 • M2 Romolo

Open Tues-Fri 15.00 -20.00

  • Until 24 March. Solo exhibition by Lisette Model, not only an artist but also a teacher and a source of inspiration for a wide generation of young photographers. She creates portraits of the leisure class, close-ups, expressions of vanity, insecurity and loneliness, obtained by widening and cutting the negatives in the darkroom.


Fondazione Mudima

Via Tadino 26 • M1 Lima

Open: Mon-Fri. 11/13-15-19. Admission free

  • Until 10 March. “Fabrizio Garghetti. Storia fotografica dell’avanguardia contemporanea”. Among the many photographers that have followed any artistic expression of the ’70s, only Fabrizio Garghetti has followed all of them step by step, for over 40 years, with love, extraordinary loyalty, humor and technical skills….


Loom Gallery

Via Marsala 7 • M2 Moscova     

Open Tues.-Sat. 14.00-19.00. Admission free.

  • Until 12 March. “Blunder” two artists exhibition by Francesca Longhini and Marco Andrea Magni. They think that what seems one thing may be another. There is nothing to add or remove, maybe something to fix. Perfection has the tendency to be boring. Both artists work on the quality of the intention, on the
    risk, on the ambivalence of reality and action. After all, in their works, there is little to think about and a lot to experience.