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Discover a New Leonardo in Milan

“An interesting, beautiful, fun and educational exhibition. Suitable for all ages.” “As a physics student and art lover, I feel admiration and inspiration.” “This exhibition has helped me to discover a side to Leonardo that I never knew.” This is just a snapshot of the glowing feedback from visitors to the fascinating “Il Mondo di […]

Underground the underground

What would inspire a king to make a quick trip to Milan? A UN delegation featuring a number of international dignitaries visited Milan at the end of last month headed by their president, none other than Holland’s newly crowned King Willem-Alexander. In addition to his UN duties, his royal highness also found the time to […]

Running forwards, glancing backwards

Rugby was invented in 1823 in England by a certain William Webb Ellis who during a game of football allegedly picked the ball up with his hands and started running towards the end of the opponent’s half of the field where he then threw the ball to the ground shouting “goal!”. After the new game […]

Growing higher and higher

For three centuries in accordance with Milanese tradition, the statue of the Madonnina on the top of the Duomo was not to be superseded by any other building in the city. However, during the mid-twentieth century the Pirelli Tower popped up next to Milan’s Centrale station exceeding the height of the Duomo’s tallest spire by […]

Eni fills up student’s empty tanks

Who would have thought that Italy’s largest industrial company and one of the world’s biggest integrated energy companies cared about culture and the arts? Who would have imagined that such a company was actually one of the founding members of La Scala, curated its own literary magazine and just launched a card giving students FREE […]

A positive British – Italian collaboration

On the 24th of January, Milan lived one of its many glamorous and prestigious nights, dense with camera flashes, red carpets, exquisite food, elegant garments and the cream of society. Politicians and VIPs arrived at the breathtaking Palazzo Mezzanotte, home of Borsa Italiana and part of London Stock Exchange Group, also famous for preserving Ancient […]

Lots of Humilitas and a bit of Samsung

If a tourist from abroad comes across the name Borromeo, it will probably be for the ‘Isole Borromeo,’ islands on Lake Maggiore, Isola Bella and Isola Madre, famous for the classical villas containing priceless works of art, and lovely gardens populated by hundreds of botanical species as well as peacocks, pheasants and parrots. The Borromeo […]

The wooden leg

El Gamba de Legn': ‘the wooden leg’ is an unusual name for a means of transport. It was the nickname that the people of Milan gave to the first steam-powered tram which started running on 9 September 1878, connecting Milan and Magenta over a distance of about 23 kilometres. They applied the same name to […]

Oh Mia Bella Madonnina

Over the centuries, Milan’s Cathedral has had to survive all sorts of perils: air raids during the war, the incipient collapse of its columns, acid rain and so forth, but today, it’s an attack by giant blue snails. In actual fact, the snails are beneficial. The fifty gastropods will be on the Cathedral roof for […]