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Douce Milan

Milan’s layout makes it an easy city to cycle around; it has all the necessary characteristics to match the standards of other big European capital cities; today there are approximately 145 kilometres of cycle paths and cycle lanes and the goal is to reach 100 more by 2015. To achieve this goal we have decided […]

The Mayor for you the reader

Since 10th February, our city has an extra gear. A few days ago, the first section of Milan’s fourth underground line – the M5 – was opened; 7 stops link Parco Nord (the Bignami stop) to Zara where you can change to the M3 line to reach the city centre. Thanks to the Bignami, Ponale, […]

Discover an art that speaks to the Public

Alberto Garutti at the PAC gallery, Milan Didascalia / Caption The first retrospective exhibition by Alberto Garutti, staged at PAC in Milan, comprises about 30 works of different genres. There are some historical works, new pieces made specially for the PAC show, “reactivations” of recent works and models of projects that were never constructed. Over […]

Synchronized swimming for men?

Now possible in Milan! Since 2006, SyncDifferent is the only male synchronized swimming team in Italy. Until the end of the year they will be dedicating most of their training sessions to newcomers, with their talented and English-speaking trainer Jessica. The group’s motto is “Synchronized swimming for men. For everybody”. This is why the club […]

Melina Mannino, fall/winter fashion show

    In March 2012, Melina Mannino’s show was hosted at Circolo Volta, obtaining great success. Melina Mannino is the owner of a fashion design atelier, situated in the fashion area of Via Tortona, Milan. After developing her professional experience by working with other companies, Melina decided to create her own business which now has […]

Italy, everyone’s native land

Italian heritage organization FAI has launched the operation named “I Luoghi del Cuore”, in which people are asked to say which monuments they would like to see restored and preserved. This is run every year, but this year, it has been given an international dimension. To quote an article published in National Geographic Magazine in […]


  5th June 2012: Tuesday 20.30: Film preview in Danish with Italian subtitles. “Submarino” by Thomas Vinterberg. €5 At left, Jakob Cedergren in a still from the film. Cinama Palestrina, Via Palestrina 7 • M1/M2 Loreto   Until 23 June 2012 Danish literature in Italy, Open Mon-Sat 9,30-13,30, admission free. Biblioteca Braidense, Sala Maria Teresa, […]

Iperborea, a story of passion and publishing

One could imagine that after millennia of civilization and with billions of people living on the globe, that there is not much left to explore. But in actual fact, the geography of mankind includes vast tracts of uncharted intellectual territory waiting for a pioneer. An example is provided by Iperborea, a publishing house based in […]

A night in the museum

Hunting for inventions This event specially for children (from 6 to 10 years of age, with their parents/family) runs from 8 p.m. on Saturday 19 May to 9 a.m. on Sunday 20 May. It is a treasure-hunt of experiments and inventions, starting from a “base camp,” and moving through the silent halls that take on […]