Learning the British way

The British School of Milan, also known as the Sir James Henderson School, is acknowledged as a centre of excellence in the field of education and one of the best international teaching institutions in our city.

While a recent international study conducted by the Economic Intelligence Unit ranked the British education system second in Europe (just behind Finland) and sixth at world level, a British Government inspection commented on the school’s “excellence in pupil’s achievements and personal development”. Of particular note is the high standard of teaching and achievement in co-curricular activities such as art, music, drama and sport.

Last spring, for the fifth year running, art students had the exciting and exclusive opportunity to exhibit their work at the Visual Arts Exhibition held at the Milan headquarters of Sotheby’s.

           Fiori   Facce

The artwork on display demonstrated a high level of personal development and improvement throughout the period of study. And art isn’t their only forte. Sports trophies line the school’s shelves from competitions all over the world in which pupils have participated. Whilst music concerts are a prominent feature, taking place in prestigious venues including Santa Maria del Carmine and San Bartolomeo in Milan and the Basilica di San Marco in Venice. It is no surprise that the Choir of the Sir James Henderson School is recognized as one of the best school choirs in Europe.

But what really makes the British School of Milan unique is the special relationship that binds the students with their teachers, something that becomes a lifelong association between the school, the pupils, their parents and the teachers. You need to experience it to really understand it and to see that what really counts, more than special effects and the latest technology, is the quality of the education provided and the powerful human relationships on which it is founded.

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