M1/M3 Duomo

Open Daily from 7.00 to 18.45

Milan’s cathedral has been a central part of the city’s life since 1386, when it was founded by Gian Galeazzo Visconti. This triumph of decoration is remarkable in many ways: for its sheer size (built on an area of 12,000 square metres, with a weight of 325,000 tonnes, it was the largest church in Christendom until St. Peters in Rome was built); for its intricacy, with decoration in even the most hidden parts of the roof structures, and a total of 3,400 statues; and for the duration of construction.

It was completed only in 1960, when the last bronze door was put into place. If you’ve not seen it before, approach it from Corso Vittorio Emanuele, a pleasant pedestrian precinct: that way you see it from its best angle, starting with the golden “Madonnina”, the four-metre, gold-leaf covered statue of Mary that tops the tallest spire, and then you gradually see the elaborate Gothic architecture of the earliest part of the building, the east end, below. While the west façade is also impressive, it was built only in 1810, and in a hybrid neo-Gothic-Neoclassical style. A visit to the roof, and to the Paleochristian baptistry underneath the west end, are also interesing.

From a height of about 70 meters, visitors can admire a breathtaking view, framed by myriads of statues, pinnacles, tracery and flying buttresses. The roofs are covered in slabs of Candoglia marble, in a total area of 8,000 square meters.

A visit to the rooftop offers a closer look at the detailed spires and the gargoyles which adorn the rooftop. There is an elevator which carries visitors right to the top for those who wish to avoid the 201 stair climb. Visitors should be aware that there are still some stairs to be climbed at the top and the surface is rather uneven. If you are able, we recommend taking the stairs. There is something so satisfying about climbing all the way to the top through winding narrow passageways to finally be rewarded with such a magnificent view!

Untill 7th February
9.00-16.45 (last ticket 16.20)
8th Febrauary–28th March
9.00-17.45 (last ticket 17.20)
28th March–24th October
09.00–22.00 (last ticket 21.15)
Closed on Christmas Day and on the 1st of May.

Daily Mass Times

Celebration of the Eucharist:
7.00-7.30-8.00-8.30 (in the Crypt)-9.00-10.00-11.00-12.45 (except in August)-17.30
-12.00 Angelus Prayer
-17.00 Rosary Prayer

Official Holidays
-17.00 Rosary prayer
-17.30 Celebration of the Eucharist

Celebration of the Eucharist:
7.00-8.00-9.30-11.00 (solemn)-12.30-17.30
-10.30 Morning Prayer
-16.00 Evening Prayer
-17.00 Rosary Prayer