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  May 2022   To avoid any admission controversies at museums and art galleries it is advisable to carry your Green Pass, your ID and a FFP2 face mask.     Calendar   Duomo / Cathedral Piazza Duomo 12 • M1/3 Duomo 1) Cathedral and Archaeological Area Open: 09.00 -18.00. Tickets sold up to 17.00 every day; last […]

Such a long time in and about Milan

Twenty years is a long time, for a person, and perhaps even more for a publication written in a foreign language for foreign people in a foreign country. Hello Milano first appeared two decades ago and it is still here, both in print and online, providing useful information about the city. Now it’s even read […]

Enduring Legacy

As the city comes to life with the excitement of Expo, this month Hello Milano takes a look at the rest of Milan to see what changes the event has wrought on our museums, parks and public spaces. For centuries Milan suffered in her land-locked status and ingeniously used the Navigli to sail off through […]

Give me five for a better life

Once upon a time, aside from fashion, food and culture, Milan was famous for something less attractive. Its smog. But as if by magic, for only €5, this particular symbol of Milan, has started to fade away. Milan can proudly say it’s one of the few European cities to have successfully implemented a road charging […]

Cleaning up Leonardo’s fancy room

The Castello Sforzesco’s walls have been hiding a secret for over five hundred years. It’s hard to believe that underneath up to thirteen layers of whitewash (in some places), lies a lost work of art by Leonardo Da Vinci. Finally, five hundred years later, the great master’s biggest Milanese project after the Last Supper will […]


For your visit to Milan This is a list of the museums in Milan that offer some of the artistic and cultural highlights of the city. Opening days and times may vary. AEM Territory and Energy Museum Ambrosiana Art Gallery Archaeological Museum Art Collection Museum Aquarium and Municipal Hydro-Biological Station Brera National Art Gallery Castle/Museum of […]

Running forwards, glancing backwards

Rugby was invented in 1823 in England by a certain William Webb Ellis who during a game of football allegedly picked the ball up with his hands and started running towards the end of the opponent’s half of the field where he then threw the ball to the ground shouting “goal!”. After the new game […]