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  5th June 2012: Tuesday 20.30: Film preview in Danish with Italian subtitles. “Submarino” by Thomas Vinterberg. €5 At left, Jakob Cedergren in a still from the film. Cinama Palestrina, Via Palestrina 7 • M1/M2 Loreto   Until 23 June 2012 Danish literature in Italy, Open Mon-Sat 9,30-13,30, admission free. Biblioteca Braidense, Sala Maria Teresa, […]

Caffé Copenhagen, a Danish Culture Festival

Milan, 16 May – 25 July 2012 This event was devised by Iperborea and Luca Scarlini, with the objective of linking Milan and Italy to some of the most culturally active European capitals. After Caffè Amsterdam in 2010, this year it is the turn of Copenhagen, in cooperation with the Danish Art Council. The event […]