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What time was it, please?

Probably nobody knows that the larger collection in our National Museum of Science and Technology is the clock section with over 1,000 pieces, from the first measurement devices, such as an Egyptian hourglass; or the so called “Notturno” by Johann Philipp Treffler, a German clockmaker of Augsburg, involved in a controversy on the priority of […]

From Rice to Risotto

Perhaps you remember the film “Riso Amaro” (Bitter rice) – 1949, one of the landmark films of the postwar Italian neorealist movement. It starred Silvana Mangano acting as one the hundreds of women doing hard labour, weeding in the paddy barefoot and bent, in the Po Valley rice fields. For this reason the Italian title […]

A Day with Dukes and Duchesses

Looking for a cool way to spend the day this summer without having to go all over Milan? Take a trip to the Sforza Castle, one of Milan’s most popular and prized monuments, located in the center of Milan. It offers a range of activities that will keep you entertained all day including museums, art […]

Countdown to Savour the World

The official countdown has begun! With curtains due to rise on the most highly anticipated show in town at 10:00 on May 1st you may be asking yourself, what exactly is Expo? Hello Milano brings you the insider guide. For many countries Expo2015 will be an opportunity to exhibit and celebrate contemporary and traditional culinary […]

Discovering a hidden treasure

If you’re ever in Milan and find yourself short of cash, you might try to get something “a ufo”. Nothing to do with objects of the unidentified flying kind, this old Milanese expression means to get something for free, inspired by the AUF stamps seen on board many boats which floated down the navigli a […]

Cleaning up Leonardo’s fancy room

The Castello Sforzesco’s walls have been hiding a secret for over five hundred years. It’s hard to believe that underneath up to thirteen layers of whitewash (in some places), lies a lost work of art by Leonardo Da Vinci. Finally, five hundred years later, the great master’s biggest Milanese project after the Last Supper will […]