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The Olympics of Innovation

Although the theme of Expo 2015 concerns nutrition and ensuring the longevity of our resources for generations to come, it seems from speaking with participants and visiting their stands that the majority are focusing more on presenting gastronomic tastings—that is, ways of “Feeding the People” rather than the Planet. Moreover, many of the beautiful and […]

Countdown to Savour the World

The official countdown has begun! With curtains due to rise on the most highly anticipated show in town at 10:00 on May 1st you may be asking yourself, what exactly is Expo? Hello Milano brings you the insider guide. For many countries Expo2015 will be an opportunity to exhibit and celebrate contemporary and traditional culinary […]

Feeding the planet, Energy for Life.

Over the past few months, you might have noticed a brightly coloured logo which has started to appear gradually and which now seems to dominate every corner of the city. Whilst this neon emblem invades the city centre, another transformation is taking place outside. The urban landscape of the land surrounding Rho – Pero is […]

Underground the underground

What would inspire a king to make a quick trip to Milan? A UN delegation featuring a number of international dignitaries visited Milan at the end of last month headed by their president, none other than Holland’s newly crowned King Willem-Alexander. In addition to his UN duties, his royal highness also found the time to […]

Douce Milan

Milan’s layout makes it an easy city to cycle around; it has all the necessary characteristics to match the standards of other big European capital cities; today there are approximately 145 kilometres of cycle paths and cycle lanes and the goal is to reach 100 more by 2015. To achieve this goal we have decided […]