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Made in Milan: the food pact

On Sunday 17 October, people passing by the Sforza Castle couldn’t avoid noticing about 5,000 people taking part in a huge, lavish lunch, made ​​from waste food. The first event of this kind was held in London in 2009, according to their saying “Waste not, want not”, and has been repeated in other cities by […]

Enduring Legacy

As the city comes to life with the excitement of Expo, this month Hello Milano takes a look at the rest of Milan to see what changes the event has wrought on our museums, parks and public spaces. For centuries Milan suffered in her land-locked status and ingeniously used the Navigli to sail off through […]

Cleaning up Leonardo’s fancy room

The Castello Sforzesco’s walls have been hiding a secret for over five hundred years. It’s hard to believe that underneath up to thirteen layers of whitewash (in some places), lies a lost work of art by Leonardo Da Vinci. Finally, five hundred years later, the great master’s biggest Milanese project after the Last Supper will […]