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Countdown to Savour the World

The official countdown has begun! With curtains due to rise on the most highly anticipated show in town at 10:00 on May 1st you may be asking yourself, what exactly is Expo? Hello Milano brings you the insider guide. For many countries Expo2015 will be an opportunity to exhibit and celebrate contemporary and traditional culinary […]

Prehistoric food of the future

No, not the latest scandal to hit some beleagued fast-food chain store, but the next big thing in feeding an ever-increasingly populated planet, according to research released during the International Food Security Salone held in Milan this October. Scientists have been researching entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, as a way of addressing the ever-encroaching […]

Fashion Forward

Whilst most publications are reporting a round-up of the haute couture runway shows, Hello Milano brings you the latest news from fashion’s funky new innovators. Hailed as one of Milan Fashion week’s most important events by Fashion Design Councillor Cristina Tajani, White 2013 presented the experimental side of women’s fashion and accessories in their warehouse […]