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How a Horse Fulfilled an International Dream

After the death of Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan, in 1466, his son Ludovico il Moro asked Leonardo da Vinci to create the largest equestrian statue in the world, in memory of his father. The commission was paid in advance by the court treasury superintendent, and Leonardo’s workshop, which was located where the Palazzo Reale […]

Past and future at full blast

Most tourists travel around the world armed with a guide book and a selfie stick, in an attempt to capture every moment and remind themselves, once back to reality, of just how much fun they really had. But alas such dedicated sightseeing is often not enough to make the most of the city and discover […]

Unexpected secrets

A famous old Milanese saying says, “El denter l’è per i padrùn, el foeura l’è per i cujùn” loosely translated as, indoors is for the owners and outdoors is for the, well, let’s just call them idiots in the name of politeness. The real Milanese aren’t flashy, preferring to maintain an elegant, subdued exterior, hiding […]