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Milan Makes Music

In Milan, during the month of September, all music lovers will be able to enjoy a major event: throughout the month, from the centre to the suburbs, the city will resonate with the widest possible range of international musical genres. This event actually started out in Turin. The ‘Festival Torino Settembre Musica’ began in 1978 […]

An open 60th birthday

Everyone who lives in Milan, and even those just visiting for a day, knows that the red ‘M’ logo marks the spot where you can access a Metro station, but perhaps even the Milanese are not aware that behind the sign lies the work of an internationally renowned technology company. At the beginning of the […]

A New Home Museum

Last October, some of our readers may have seen the musical “I Promessi Sposi” a show based on a novel that all Italians know very well since they are obliged to study it thoroughly at school! Those who don’t know anything about “The Betrothed”, that’s the title in English, could be interested to know that […]

Ambrosian Delights

Milano is a unique city in Italy, which makes for an exceptional Carnevale celebration. The Italian Carnevale has roots in Saturnalia, the riotous Pagan Roman festival of lights. This was celebrated for about a week around longest night, our present-day Christmas time. Celebrants would use the last of the good things of the harvest, the […]

Unexpected secrets

A famous old Milanese saying says, “El denter l’è per i padrùn, el foeura l’è per i cujùn” loosely translated as, indoors is for the owners and outdoors is for the, well, let’s just call them idiots in the name of politeness. The real Milanese aren’t flashy, preferring to maintain an elegant, subdued exterior, hiding […]

A Style for any Budget

Is your money burning a hole in your pocket? Do you fancy spending some time in the sunny weather perusing some of Milan’s many shopping districts? Then July is the perfect month for you. As the weather gets warmer, people shed their winter layers and the locals typically head out of town for vacations; it’s […]

Give me five for a better life

Once upon a time, aside from fashion, food and culture, Milan was famous for something less attractive. Its smog. But as if by magic, for only €5, this particular symbol of Milan, has started to fade away. Milan can proudly say it’s one of the few European cities to have successfully implemented a road charging […]

Feeding the planet, Energy for Life.

Over the past few months, you might have noticed a brightly coloured logo which has started to appear gradually and which now seems to dominate every corner of the city. Whilst this neon emblem invades the city centre, another transformation is taking place outside. The urban landscape of the land surrounding Rho – Pero is […]