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Winning Projects / Smart Cities

Sharing Cities, a European urban redevelopment project, has been launched south of Milan near via Ripamonti, in the Porta Romana-Vettabbia district. It is part of an important European research and innovation program called Horizon 2020 ( As written in,”the demonstration districts in ‘lighthouse’ cities Lisbon, London and Milan will implement replicable urban digital solutions […]

Milan on the waves

Milan was founded by the Celts, the extremely prolific, Northern people possibly coming from Scandinavia, who roamed through Europe in a continuous search for new lands to settle new families. For both necessity and tradition they tended to establish themselves near lakes and rivers, being skilled in producing various craft to navigate though any watery […]

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  01.01.2018 01.02.2018 01.03.2018 01.04.2018 01.05.2018 01.06.2018 01.09.2018 01.10.2018 01.11.2018   Hello Milano pdf version – 2017 01.01.2017 01.02.2017 01.03.2017 01.04.2017 01.05.2017 01.06.2017 01.07.2017 01.08.2017 01.09.2017 01.10.2017 01.11.2017 01.12.2017   Hello Milano pdf version – 2016 01.01.2016 01.02.2016 01.03.2016 01.04.2016 01.05.2016 01.06.2016 01.07.2016 01.08.2016 01.09.2016 01.10.2016 01.11.2016 01.12.2016   Hello Milano pdf version – 2015 […]

A Style for any Budget

Is your money burning a hole in your pocket? Do you fancy spending some time in the sunny weather perusing some of Milan’s many shopping districts? Then July is the perfect month for you. As the weather gets warmer, people shed their winter layers and the locals typically head out of town for vacations; it’s […]