We love amateurs

I Cambristi-Milano was set up by the AIMA (Italian Association of Amateur Musicians) to give aspiring musicians the opportunity to find like-minded individuals to play music and socialise with.

Despite the high percentage of graduates from the Conservatory among Lombardy’s musicians, only a fraction play professionally resulting in a region full of musicians with no opportunity to fulfil their musical needs.

I Cambristi Milano/AIMA encourages playing music as a social activity. Music is not elitist; it’s for people of all ages and social classes – even those who don’t speak the same language! Music is the universal language that can connect people and cultures in a way that no other language can.

All of I Cambristi/AIMA’s activities are open to international users with links to the world’s largest international network of amateur musicians: the ACMP in the USA, iCambristi in Brussels and Chti Cambristi in France. Over 130 members are registered throughout Italy with one centre in Rome and another in Milan. On the Cambristi website, you can search the members list by region, instrument or level of music.

Members receive a monthly newsletter and the members list. Once or twice a year, members can participate in the “Tutti Cambristi” workshops. The next workshop is scheduled in Milan from 23-24 November. Participants will have the opportunity to work with professional musicians, strengthen their groups and play with international musicians.



The workshop will cost an estimated fee of €90 for two days which includes two days of coaching sessions and lunch. Every day, each group will have a 90 minute coaching session in the morning and another 90 minute session in the afternoon. The rest of the time can be spent practising or rehearsing for the final concert on Sunday.

To become a member of I Cambristi-Milano, come to one of our regularly scheduled meetings, participate in a chamber group and receive the members list and our monthly newsletter.

Musicians interested can enrol online: http://www.aimamusic.it/cambristi-2?lang=en

or write to: cambristi@aimamusic.it.

Visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/270606706415602/?fref=ts

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